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We're Moving

We've moved to bigCommerce for our hosting!

I've gone it alone with a hosted server solution for several years. And the state of most 3d party carts in terms of performance and the amount work needed to tweak their designs can be overwhelming. So I looked high and low for something better, and I think I've found it.

I chose BigCommerce for the following reaons

  • Fast: Its faster than many other hosted solutions I've tried. Especially when it comes to images
  • Payments Integration: Out of the box, it supports a plethora of payment processors. 
  • Simple Administation: Uploading images is a snap. Adding products is easy with robust product import/export
  • Themeing: You can edit the templates right on the sight! And see updates nearly instantly. Templates contain no programming logic, so they are harder to break. Mind the dust please, as I am still tweaking a few things.
  • Third Party Plugins: Not using any yet, but they are there
  • Low Fees: The monthly cost is very affordable, and unlike some hosted shops solutions, they do not take a cut of all sales.
  • Technical Support: Its almost annoying how often they call me to make sure I am okay and if I have any questions. Almost
So, we're trying Big Commerce out. So far, so good!

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