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Dwolla Payment Support


What is Dwolla?

Dwolla is a person-to-person payment system which was developed in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

When you sign up for Dwolla, you register your bank account with your Dwolla account. Once this is done, the actual money transfers between Dwolla and your bank account uses ACH.

To send someone money costs you nothing if under $10, and a flat 25 cent fee for all transactions over $10. 

Paying with Dwolla

We've added initial dwolla payment support to our store. Right now, when you check out, you can choose Dwolla as a payment option. You will then be given a link to our Dwolla hub page, where you can send us payment. Big Commerce is working on seamless checkout integration for Dwolla, but for now this works.

When sending us a payment via Dwolla, please include your Order #. 


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