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Department 56? But isn't that for grandma?

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Many moons ago, when I lived in the Twin Cities, there was a Department 56 store at the Mall of America. Now, you might be wondering what snow villages have to do with wargaming. Well, they have a lot in common really, if you get creative. For me, they were the cheapest source of static grass, trees, and other terrain accessories around. 

3D-Miniatures.com is now carrying a limited selection of Department 56 items we think wargamers and miniature hobbyists will find useful. And we plan to carry these items year around

10 trees ranging in size from 1.5 to 8 inches, only $12.50

They come with small resin bases. Use as is for a wintery look, or drybrush green for a more summer look. 

Here's an example what you can do with them:

Another useful item is the cobblestone street, which has a stone texture printed on fabric. Can easily be drybrushed for a more realistic effect. 4.75" by 48" long, only $9.50.

And another favorite of mine; perfect for your RPG graveyard, temple, or wargaming terrain. Ddiecast wrought iron fencing, 3" long by 2" high. 18 inches of fencing for $17.50. Glue them to pieces of flocked card for more stability. Durable, won't break like resin or plastic versions.

You can see all of our Department 56 offerings here.

Now Carrying Photo-etched Saws.

We are now carrying hard-to-find ultra thin photoetched in two styles. One set can be used in hobby knife handles, the other set are used as finger saws. The blades are super thin, ensuring little material is removed, and the fine teeth allow for precise cuts.Suitable for cutting plastics, resins, and soft metals such as [...]

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Video killed the radio star...

Did you know we have a video channel? It features new products and tutorials.You can watch it here.

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Fine brass chain added to store.

We've found a great source for fine brass chain. The eye size is about 1mm in size, and this stuff looks great on terrain or miniature figures. Use for conversions, or sculpting new figures. It vulcanizes fine. Paint it, or leave it natural. Add detailing to vehicles, ships, buildings, or monsters. The possibilities are endless. You [...]

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Paypal Support Enabled

We now accept paypal. You should see it as one of your payment options during checkout.

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Dwolla Payment Support

What is Dwolla? Dwolla is a person-to-person payment system which was developed in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. When you sign up for Dwolla, you register your bank account with your Dwolla account. Once this is done, the actual money transfers between Dwolla and your bank account uses ACH. To send someone money costs you nothing if under $10, and [...]

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Our New Store

We're Moving We've moved to bigCommerce for our hosting! I've gone it alone with a hosted server solution for several years. And the state of most 3d party carts in terms of performance and the amount work needed to tweak their designs can be overwhelming. So I looked high and low for something better, and I think [...]

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